Work for 6 weeks, take off for 2

The 6-week cycles framework is designed for digital agencies and Saas companies who want to create a better culture. For over 5 years Joe has seen 6-week cycles dramatically improve communication, generate a more inclusive culture, and deliver all projects on-time.

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Tools to get started with cycles

Weekly Planning Sheet

Easy to follow sheet for organizing your tasks.

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Sunday Night Replay

45min video to help you plan for a productive week.

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Upcoming Cycles

List of 2022 cycle names, dates, and breaks.

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Cycle Overview Template

Send this overview to your team at the start of each cycle.

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Check Out Meeting Structure

How to run a meeting that builds company culture.

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Maldives Cycle Sheet

Google sheet for planning your May/Jun cycle.

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Weekly Planning Guide

Easy to follow list for organizing your weekly tasks.

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The whole world is obsessed with tracking your time after a task is completed — start looking at it before its completed

This type of forward-thinking is not innate; it’s a practice. It's a skill you can be taught and improved upon over time.

6-Week Cycles offers a new perspective on productivity, time management and company culture. Boost your team’s morale and productivity through clearer project direction, improved communication, and regularly scheduled breaks.

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6-Week Cycles can change the way entrepreneurs live

Seriously! That's it. You don't even have to buy the book. The whole point is to simply plan for 6 weeks of work. But then, you need to actually do it.

I originally heard this concept from Jason Fried at Basecamp. Then I blended it with ideas from other thought leaders like Robert Cialdiani, Charles Duhigg, Clayton Christensen, Oren Klaff, Momoko Price, Casey Clark, Angela Vitzthum, Mig Reyes, and many others. I added in my experience of running a creative agency and combined it with principles in conversion-rate optimization. Put all that together, and we arrive at a new way to be productive while still having time to live life.

What I found through this — it's big. The kind of stuff that could really change lives. And if it effects lives, maybe it can effect communities. If more people are involved in their communities, there's a chance it could shape cities.

From cities to states, states to countries.
That maybe, maybe, there's a chance to make some real change happen in this world — with something as simple as changing our work environment.

Which, I will admit, I tend to take things to a grandiose scale. I’m a dreamer! But, in its simplest form, what if it's just a better way to work?

Even if it doesn't have this giant effect on the world, it still helps set better expectations, understand your capabilities, increase productivity, and create an innovative culture.

Joe Martin, Author