A modern approach to productivity for digital agencies.

6-Week Cycles is a productivity framework for agency owners who want to create a better work-life. Achieve clearer project direction, improved communication, and regularly scheduled breaks.

40 hours of "work" is not the same as 40 hours of productivity.

Staring at a computer, sitting in a cube, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week does not work. It never worked.

We took Henry Ford’s model and translated it into a corporate environment. Productivity was measured by looking to see if someone was sitting in their seat.

With the rise in the remote workforce it’s important that leaders find a solution that works best for their distributed teams.

Good productivity should be measured in results.

Adopt new habits with 6-Week Cycle templates to gain more control over where your time is spent.

6-Week Cycles Simplifies Your Work-Life.

  • Clear start and end dates
  • Reduces scope creep
  • More streamlined project management
  • Easier to group similar tasks
  • New ways to review project effectiveness

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Step-by-step guide to shifting your workday into the 6-Week Cycles framework.

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"The email series is amazing. I feel like you are coaching me. At first I was like this is too bite sized. Then after a week I was like this is genius."

Kirsten Iversen
Lean Culture Transformation Leader at Intuit
San Diego, CA

"This way of organizing gives me the constant opportunity to analyze what's working and not working in the business — but also what's not working for me."

Trent Warner
Founder of NYB Creative
Austin, TX

Video clip courtesy of The Leadership in Business Podcast with host Todd Westra and guest Matt Deutschman.

Frequently Asked Questions

My company can’t do 6:2. It’s not a question, I’m telling you.

Wow, okay, yeah. Thank you for your directness. So, this approach doesn’t work for everybody, let’s start there.

BUT the principles are around becoming more results-oriented and responsible with people’s time. That foundation can be used for 6:2, 12:2, 3:1, whichever works best for your organization.

Do you work 7 days a week day during the 6 weeks?

We do not. But, it feels like you want to know “how do you make up for the lost productivity during those two weeks?” That comes from the clarity of tasks heading into a cycle that creates less waste during those 6-weeks.

Does it have to be 6 on, 2 off?

It does not. But learning 6-Week Cycles will help you find ways to make the work day more predictable. Then you can change it to 3:1, 12:2, whichever works best for your organization.

Do you work weekends during the 6-weeks?

I mean...this is kind of the same as the “do you work 7 days questions above” — did you not see that one?

Can I go off the grid during those two weeks?

The only “job” during the two week break is to respond to emails and to plan your next 6-weeks. If you can accomplish that AND go off the grid — then yes.

How long before I see results?

Within the first 7 days you’re going to see a change in how you plan your day, approach productivity, and how you use your calendar.

What if I'm not available during the video chats?

You'll have access to any video replays, you'll also receive a recap of anything covered that day.

Change the Workday,
Change the World

Everybody has their own idea for changing the world — this is mine.

I believe the workday beats parents down. I think it kills motivation. And it's this same workday that makes you feel like you busted your ass, but question, "What did I actually get done?"

This is my fight.
More planning.
More intentional use of people's time.

The Industrial Revolution-era tactics of measuring productivity by monitoring the time spent glued to your cubicle is over.

For many people, just hearing they can work this way is eye-opening. I hope the idea alone gives you new inspiration for writing a work-life that works for you.

Joe Martin
Author, 6-Week Cycles

P.S. I read and respond to every email. Please email me directly if you have any questions.

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